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Leita Honey

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Cemetery Registrar, Canterbury City Council

Why should Leita Honey be recognised as Council Worker of the Year? Because in the 18 years she's run the Cemeteries section, Leita has exceeded her duty in dealing with the bereaved. And that's why she deserves to be applauded - because of her outstanding care for others. Leita has skillfully managed the service, balanced the needs of customers as well as council policies and budgets. She's compassionate, which is essential when dealing with grieving relatives. She's also diplomatic and ensures consistency in service and compliance with current regulations. Relatives she deals with can be emotional, angry or distressed. Yet a funeral needs to be arranged and details established. Leita has strength of character and tremendous patience, sometimes spending hours with relatives. Leita is retiring this year after 38 years of total local government service so it would be extra special for her work to be honoured and rewarded in this way.

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