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Paul Child - Winner!

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Social Worker and Senior Practitioner, Hampshire County Council

It's not the first time Paul Child has been hailed a hero. Held at gunpoint for three hours by a client some years ago, he used the same calm approach when he was summoned to a motorway bridge in December 2009.

Walking through the police cordon he found Callum, a 13 year old boy who'd been in residential care for several years, hanging over the side and threatening to jump. A million thoughts raced through Paul's mind as the boy became increasingly agitated and distressed. All Callum wanted was to be back with his Mum. Paul is a father himself and raw instincts kicked in as he talked him back from the edge and gave him a big hug.

Paul fixed it for Callum to live with a family member and they moved into their new home earlier this year. This time it looks to be working out well.

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