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Beverley Yearwood

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Community Safety Coordinator, Leeds City Council

Beverley's dedicated and tireless approach to partnership work in tackling crime and anti social behaviour across the North East Leeds Police Division is being held up as an example of good practice across West Yorkshire.

As the sole community safety coordinator for this vast and complex area, Beverley's ability to take on an increasing workload whilst continuing to produce outstanding results is an example to everyone. Beverley's greatest asset is her ability to research and understand new issues/problems at a strategic level, and translate that to street level action with front line staff.

Although her job title includes the work "coordinator", in reality Beverley is a do-er who makes a difference on the ground. Through her work Beverley is not only enhancing the reputation of Leeds City Council, she is bringing partners resources together to help deliver the council's strategic priorities, something of increasing importance as budget pressures grow.

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